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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I Hate These Things

Mankato - North Mankato: A Little Twin Cities, a Lot Minnesota...

A lot of freakin' asian lady beetles!

It's fall here in the northlands which means two things - harvesting and infestation! During the summer months when the tall corn is growing around my area, the little beetles have a place to live. But when the combines come out before Halloween to slit the corns' stalks, the summer home of the beetles are destroyed and they find alternate housing.

So they come to my house! I can't sit and eat a meal or play with my kids without being buzz-bombed by what seems like dozens of these bugs. Since I've started writing this piece, I've had one fly onto my monitor and one has decided to hang out under one of my speakers. I counted 8 of them hanging out on my ceiling in my sitting room last night.

There's even one that's been hanging on the wall by my office door for the past week or so. I haven't squished his buggy-butt yet cuz he hasn't bothered me much.

According to this article, the USDA started releasing them. Thanks a pantload, Chet!

In any case, I wish they'd go away.