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Sunday, November 07, 2004

More NCAA Legislation

The NCAA has passed yet more legislation that they hope will limit recruiting improprieties. NCAA men’s basketball teams can no longer play those traveling barnstorming teams that they used to play in exhibition play. No more Nike Elite. No more Athletes in Action. No more Spotlight Jammers. This St. Louis Post-Dispatch article explained the ban thusly:

“The NCAA made the change because some exhibition touring teams were associated with club teams filled with potential recruits.”

As fat as that NCAA manual is, the NCAA may require all coaches and administrators to have a law degree in order to understand the rules and restrictions. Man, talk about something that needs simplifying. The US tax code ain’t got nuthin’ on the NCAA Manual.

For the record, Missouri beat Central Missouri State, a Division II school, 100-73 last night to usher in the new Paige Sports Arena.