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Monday, December 20, 2004

I Voleked Somone!

King at SCSU Scholars is in the dumps because his fantasy football team lost to an opponent who had picked up Billy Volek for his/her team. Not to toot my horn (I'd rather prefer to it as blasting my own tuba), but I made a good move in my fantasy football league that put me in the Super Bowl. I had to play the number one team in my league, the powerful Vicodin Addicts whose coach, through many shrewd moves, went 12-1 in the league. I didn't have a good feeling about my regular QB, Brett Favre, mainly because of the weather that was expected in Green Bay. Favre performed admirably, and would have given me 30 points, but instead I picked up Billy Volek off the scrap heap and he went out and got me 58 points, more than enough for me to taste sweet victory. Without Billy, I'd be playing for third place.

Thanks, Billy. The ice cream's on me.

Now, should I play Volek or Favre this weekend????? Minnesota's defensive backfield isn't exactly playing real well this year and the game is indoors at the Dome. Whoever wins this game wins the NFC North. Volek and the Titans play the Broncos. Decisions, decisions, decisions.