Market Power

Musings by an academic economist on the power of markets and the power over markets.

Monday, February 21, 2005

New Toys

It's been awhile since I bought my last guitar - a jet-black Les Paul Standard with gold hardware... a real nice piece of wood with a great sound. I've been itching to acquire a 12 string and a Martin for sometime, so this past week, I did both. I picked up a Martin DX1 and a Seagull S12+. Both of them sound real nice and play real well. I love the new guitar smell of the Martin - very sprucey. The shop owner from whom I bought mynew wooden toys threw in a ukulele for my durables (ya suppose I didn't get a great deal on my guitars?). Now my durables and I can jam. What would Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden and a young Don Ho sound like if they jammed together?