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Friday, March 25, 2005

Carl Edwards, Up and Comer

My former student at Mizzou, Carl Edwards, pulled off quite the feat last weekend. He won two races, one in the Busch series and one in the Nextel series. They were his first two victories in the top two NASCAR circuits. No-one had ever accomplished that feat before.

As Edwards was getting his start in racing, competing on dirt tracks in the Midwest, his mother persuaded him to print up business cards. He got a deal at a local printer - 2,000 cards for $100, with his picture one side and his résumé on the other.
I met up with Carl at the gym at Mizzou at about this time. He gave me one of these business cards and asked for my car repair business. My wife and I had just purchased two new automobiles and weren't going to need more than oil changes for a few years. So I never took my cars to Carl. But I kept the business card. I dug it out the other day and it's still in good condition. It's now stored away, sealed in a Ziploc bag. Something tells me to hold onto it for awhile.