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Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Impact of College Hockey - Part Trois

In a previous post I linked to an article describing the bad feelings amongst some businesses in Mankato, Mn. about Minnesota State University's decision to move a home hockey game from Mankato to St. Paul. The Econoclast has this post about the economic impact of the lockout of NHL players. Professor Palmer reminds us that hockey fans just find something else to do during the lockout. It's not like they go out and burn the money they would have spent on the NHL.

The businesses most upset about the MSU decision are the bars, restaurants, and the hotels in Mankato, especially those in downtown Mankato wherethe Midwest Wireless Civic Center, is located. These are the businesses that will feel the loss of business from the move of the hockey game.

I haven't heard anything about other businesses bitching about the Mavericks leaving town for the weekend. Home Depot, on the eastern edge of town, will probably do just fine, thank you. I don't think the local movie theaters are too PO'd either.