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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Compensating Differences

I found this little passage in this article in Slate:

Anna Benson, FHM's pick for "baseball's hottest wife," grabbed attention recently by floating the idea of an illicit clubhouse romp during an appearance on Howard Stern's show. If her husband, Mets pitcher Kris Benson, ever cheated on her then she would "do everybody on his whole team," she told Stern. After a bit of egging on, Benson agreed that this hypothetical locker room gang bang would also include coaches, groundskeepers, and bat boys. The New York Post's headline the next day: "MET WIFE: I'M A TEAM PLAYER."

#1. Is this a compensating difference for the Mets?
#2. No wonder the Mets signed Benson to a 3-year deal with a club option for a 4th.
#3. All else equal, does this make it more likely that the Mets will pick up Benson's option?
#4. Now we know the real reason why Beltran et al came to the Mets.