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Monday, January 10, 2005

An Honor

Skip Sauer of The Sports Economist has invited John Palmer of The Econoclast blog and me to join his blog. I am honored to join them. I will continue to blog here at Market Power but I plan to do much of my sports economics-related blogging at The Sports Economist.

I also want to think Bill Sjostrom of Atlantic Blog on adding Market Power to his links. I must take issue with one thing (for clarification): I am a nut who likes sports, not just a sports nut ;-). People who know me personally know that I am nutty (in a good way, IMHO). Being a Cubs and Missouri Tiger follower will do that to a person. Had I played either sport in an organized way, I would have made a good kicker/punter in football or a good reliever in baseball - at least in terms of the mentality often associated with the players who man these positions.