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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rockin' Mommies

You can keep your Desperate Housewives. With two small durables, it's hard for my better 3/4ths to watch much else other than Clifford, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. But I can always sneak away to listen to a little agressive music.

In college, I played guitar in a garage band called "Paralyzed", named after an old Ted Nugent song. I still play guitar. I'm also a father. So I can sympathize in more ways than one with these ladies: Housewives on Prozac and Frump. There's another all-mommy band named Placenta. One word: Ewwwww.

Here's an article from Yahoo! about the mommy rock-band genre.

I wonder if I could get a band together with a bunch of experienced academic economists. We could "sing" about graduate school, the tenure process, journal referees (being one and being disected by one), and homothetic utility functions.