Market Power

Musings by an academic economist on the power of markets and the power over markets.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I am not a Nebraska Cornhusker fan, but I respect their fans and the football program they have. Last year was trying to any Husker fan after they had their first losing season in a long long time. That was expected as the Huskers played a radically different offense than the one that the players were recruited for. Things may be about the same next year after a myriad of defections from the Husker squad. Several players have opted to leave the program, many apparently realizing their talents are not good matches for the current program.

But you don't keep a big dog down for too long. It sounds like the current recruiting class that the Huskers have amassed is very solid. Of course, we won't see how this class will play together as a unit for a couple of years and we won't know how well Bill Callahan will perform as a college coach, but things look good for the Huskers on the recruiting front. In college athletics, even with the myriad of rules they operate under, the rules of the marketplace still hold (not that that's a bad thing). The programs with the strongest demand will be most successful in the long run. Nebraska is one of those programs.

BTW, did I imply that Nebraska has a strong demand for its football program? About 1,000 NU fans were expected to go to the US Army All-American Game in San Antonio, Tx. yesterday to see several Husker recruits play.